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Dianov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of automation, informatics and control systems, Moscow State Industrial University (16 Avtozavodskaya street, Moscow, Russia),
Gevondyan Tamara Akopovna, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, doctoral student, Moscow State Industrial University (16 Avtozavodskaya street, Moscow, Russia),
Duseev Sergey Gennad'evich, Postgraduate student, Moscow State Industrial University (16 Avtozavodskaya street, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. One of the promising directions in the field of fundamental research is the creation of intelligent biomechatronic technologies for various purposes. Development of robotics has given rise to various kinds of tactile sensors designed for recognition of the geometric objects in the ambient space. Due to increasing demands for reliability- and- quality standards, the task of detecting hidden defects, manifested, in particular, through various failures in the equipment, including sensors is becoming topical. Therefore the aim of this study is to offer different methods of the active diagnostics, as well as informative parameters, which allow to detect and record failures.
Materials and methods. The principal feature of the proposed concept of a sharp increase in the reliability of the equipment by eliminating the impact of failures is that, in contrast to all previously used approaches, sources of failures not places of failures are detected and registered. Depending on the principles of formation and getting of informative signs, which estimate the failed state of the elements as sources of equipment failures, various methods of detection and registration of sources of failures with significant domestic priority are proposed. These methods include: differential, integral, and the method of high electromagnetic radiation in case of failures.
Results. Connectors, contact LSI and VLSI devices, interface tires, management, power and ground, as well as internal and external electro-magnetic interference are detected as sources of the failures. The effect is achieved by the inclusion of the contact and contactless sensor failure in the robotic complex, as well as the addition of algorithms for processing of the electrical signals from these sensors.
Conclusions. Proposed and discussed methods and means of detecting and recording hardware failure allow to put on the agenda the questions of development, establishment and operation of the equipment-fail with the modernization of the existing State Standards specification of reliability. 

Key words

hidden defects, malfunctions, tactile sensors, reliability, robots, active elements. 

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